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Samsung Galaxy S III Mini now in Europe

10 Nov

Galaxy S IIIThe announcement of the smartphone Samsung Galaxy S III Mini – and now the device goes on sale in the European market. For example, in the UK New on sale for around 300 pounds (376 euros) for retailers, including Expansys and Carphone Warehouse, although operators sell it even cheaper, but with the contract.

In addition, the French model costs 369 euros (Amazon), and in Germany (ibid.) – 345 euros for the 8-GB version of the blue.
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Smartphone Samsung I9300 Galaxy S III

02 Nov

Galaxy 19300The model is equipped with a HD Super AMOLED display with a diagonal of 4.8 inches, two cameras – 8 megapixel main and additional 2-megapixel on the front. They offer users a variety of intelligent features and options associated with facial recognition technology.

As the manufacturer, to provide a more comfortable and natural management, smartphone adapts to a particular user, using facial recognition technology, voice and gestures. Samsung GALAXY S III has an innovative feature Smart stay: using the front camera, it captures the movements of the eyes of the owner and determines when the users is using a smartphone – such as reading e-book or browse the web.
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Galaxy S III gets Jelly Bean

10 Oct

Galaxy IIISouth Korea’s company Samsung Electronics has officially announced the deployment at home operating system update for the flagship Android smartphone Galaxy S III (for 3G and LTE versions) to version Android 4.1 Jelly Bean.

In addition, the company said that in addition to Galaxy S III to upgrade to Android 4.1 Jelly Bean also began to receive and the other Android device company – Galaxy Note.


Martian Pink Samsung Galaxy S III

25 Sep

Samsung Galaxy S IIISamsung Electronics company has introduced a version of its flagship smartphone Galaxy S III in the new colors – pink. However, while the model is only available in the domestic market of the company – in South Korea and it is not clear whether it will ever elsewhere.

Martian Pink Samsung Galaxy S III is available with 32 GB of internal memory and is targeted mainly at a female audience. In terms of the characteristics of the model is obviously not changed.
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Pink Samsung Galaxy S III will soon go on sale in Korea

21 Sep

Samsung expanded color Palikir Galaxy S III , adding smartphone in pink version.

The Korean market rose novelty will go on sale next week. Initially, Samsung Galaxy S III was available only in two variants – White (Marble White) and blue (Pebble Blue), but in the last month added 4 more color: Brown (Amber Brown), red (Garnet Red), Black (Sapphire Black) and Grey (Titanium Grey). Now joins their ranks and pink case.

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Will we see BlackBerry 10 quad-core?!

26 Aug

It may be unreasonable to see that Blackberry phone specifications superstar when heard a rumor about supporting BlackBerry 10 HD screens come now common use BlackBerry coming to S4 PRO processors and that seems to take its share of the other processors!! In addition to graphics processor Adreno 320, plus it will use processors S5, which is expected advertised in mid-2013, which marked the processor S4 Pro is gear that supports networks LTE + 4G/HSPA and this is what made it for me seem realistic because it is the only company that has produced processors support those networks and the proof is the use of Galaxy S III processor S4 bilateral nucleus to be dedicated to the United States

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Samsung officially the promo purchase of Galaxy SIII

23 Aug

Through a press release, Samsung has officially announced its new promotion “The great choices awards you always,”

Here is the full text of the announcement:

Samsung offers consumers a unique opportunity to experience the synchronization and connection among its most advanced smartphones and tablets, enhancing and enriching their daily lives. And it does so with the new promotion” The great choices awards you always “one more opportunity to get the maximum benefit from the ecosystem of mobile devices from Samsung.

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Android 4.1 Jelly Bean comes to Samsung Galaxy S II and Galaxy Note

17 Aug

It is possible that soon the two well-known gadgets from Samsung will have to upgrade to Android 4.1 Jelly Bean.

It became known that Samsung engineers are testing new Oases on these devices. And if everything goes without problems, in late September, it will be possible to get a new version of the robot.

But flagman Galaxy S III should go to the Android 4.1 on September 29, the day of the announcement of Galaxy Note 2.


Olympic Galaxy

30 Jul

Samsung has released an Olympic version of the smartphone Galaxy S III. Especially for the British.

Sports model called the London 2012 Samsung Galaxy SIII (Team GB) and there will be a few days ago the network Carphone Warehouse. In addition, the Olympic apparatus can be obtained free then, however, paying 28 pounds per month. But if you take a contract in the Vodafone, Orange, O2, T-Mobile, Three and Talk Mobile.

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